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My happy place

This candle scent is my happy place. Warm luxurious cashmere with the richness of plum. You struck gold with this!

Hi Patricia,

I'm so glad to hear our Cashmere Plum soy candle gives you all the cozy feels and is your happy place. This is one of my personal favorite fragrances and I'm so glad you enjoy it too!

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Stay Cozy,

Very Very Vanilla Soy Candle

Hi Larry,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! I'm glad you enjoyed your Very Very Vanilla Soy Candle!

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So creamy! LovEDDD

Hi Emma,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! As a small business, reviews like yours mean the world to us, and I'm glad to hear you LOVED your Very Very Vanilla Soy Candle!

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Watermelon Sugar Soy Candle
Brady Huf
Smell Amazing!

These candles are such great quality and smell absolutely amazing! The watermelon sugar is my wife’s favorite and we love that they are soy so we feel comfortable burning them inside! Customer service is fantastic too

Spa Day Soy Candle
Miriam Enriquez

Relaxing and cleaning burning.
Beautiful products

Limited Edition Vanilla Champagne Soy Candle
Miriam Enriquez

Beautiful ❤️

Amber Noir Soy Candle
Miriam Enriquez
Heaven scent

Soft fragrance that last a long time.
Very relaxing and clean burning.

High Tide Soy Candle
Michele Cooper
Great product

Very nice fragrance

Hansel & Gretel's House Soy Candle
Denise DeHaan
Great company

Great service! The candles smell good enough to eat. They last for a long while. The owner seems to take great pride in his business and his products.

Lovely scent

I love this candle. It has a perfect balance and isn't too strong or sweet. It also lasts for a good amount of time.

So glad I discovered this..

I took a chance and ordered candles that I hadn’t previously experienced. I’m pretty sure I’ve found a long time favorite inCashmere Plum. It’s the perfect balance of all the good things and reflective of the provided description. The burn quality is exceptional. And the container, a smart casual dark gray ceramic, will fit any aesthetic. The only problem I see is that it isn’t currently available in a larger size. I’ll just need to buy plenty to satisfy this new fragrance habit.

Limited Edition Vanilla Champagne Soy Candle
Alex Weimer
Wonderfull and best smell

Purchased my New Year Holiday 2021 candle from Cozy Home. Opened the neatly packaged candle and was amazed at how well the scent of my new candle filled up my room. I will buy more from here...

Banana Nut Bread Soy Candle
Jeanette Garland-Hickman
Banana Nut bread soy candle

Awesome scented candle

banana nut bread candle

wonderful! Smells like I baked all day.

Apple Harvest Soy Candle
Lisa kovick
apple harvest candle

the best smelling candle ever

Mango & Coconut Milk Soy Candle
Lisa kovick
mango & Coconut Csndle

Love it

Watermint & Clementine Soy Candle
Sara Barquet
Water mint

I love these candles I have purchased 4 candles 2 for me 2 for my best friend we love them the have the whole house smelling good these candles are a vibe I’ll definitely be buying more ❤️❤️

Sea Salt & Orchid Soy Candle
Cynthia Carr
Best Candles Ever

This is the best smelling candle ever, & they have the most wonderful customer service. everything feels so personal. I love it!

Incredible scent!

This candle will quickly spread through your entire room! It smells exactly like the most amazing banana bread fresh out of the oven. 10/10 recommend!

Powel Crosley Lake Fall Boardwalk Canvas Print
Delena Kinne
Too small

Not happy. Too small. Will go to Goodwill

Banana Nut Bread Soy Candle
Michelle Pinkston
Bread Soy Candle

Perfect! The candle smell great

Watermint & Clementine Soy Candle
Anthony Fontanello
Good smell but not strong enough to fill a room

The candles smell good up close, but unfortunately they did not seem to work in large rooms or any for that matter. I tried it in the dining room but thought maybe it was too large, so moved it to the kitchen and still couldn't smell it then moved it to the bathroom which is the smallest room and still to no avail. Was disappointed, maybe the other fragrances are more potent.

Blood Orange Soy Candle
Amanda Lyons
Great scent!

Great scent! Very impressed!! Will buy again!

Watermint & Clementine Soy Candle
Eva Hall
awesome smell and burn...

I really love these candles, smells really good

Cactus Flower & Jade Soy Candle
Stevi Gray
Smells amazing

I have loved all of the K&K candles I have purchased. They last a good amount of time, smell amazing, are packaged beautifully, and don't contain harmful ingredients. You can't go wrong.