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Wick Trimmer
Stainless Steel Silver Candle Wick Trimmer | The Cozy Home
Matte Black Candle Wick Trimmer | The Cozy Home
Rose Gold Candle Wick Trimmer | The Cozy Home

Wick Trimmer

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Wick trimmers are a must-have accessory for any candle lover. Properly trimming the wick of your candle helps ensure you get the best quality burn.

  • Always trim your wick to 1/4" before each burn, or after the candle has cooled. Do not attempt to trim the candle wick while it is burning
  • Never leave wick trimmings any other debris in the candle
We offer our candle wick trimmers in 3 stunning colors including stainless steel silver, matte black, and gorgeous stainless steel rose gold. These make the perfect gift to go along with any candle and are a great addition to your candle collection.

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